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Lula Washington Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Dance Concerts and New Works!

Christopher Huggins "Love Is"

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2010 with a year of local, national and international dance concerts, world premier new works by Lula Washington, Rennie Harris, Christopher Huggins, Jordi Cabellero, and by our Associate Director, Tamica Washington-Miller.

The local celebration kicked off on February 6, with a concert at the Cerritos Center for the Arts with the world premiere of “Love Is…” by New York choreographer, Christopher Huggins. This work, currently in four sections, chronicles the seach for love and features a duet; a trio; a solo; and a group section. Lula Washington’s new www.connections.2010 premiered Jan. 28 at the Kasser Theater in Montclair, New Jersey. It had its West Coast premiere at Cerritos.

LWDT’s local 30th anniversary schedule is as follows:

Premiere of “Reign” by Rennie Harris on May 15, 2010 at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex. Premiere of a new untitled collaboration with jazz trumpheter Terrence Blanchard, July 7 at the Hollywood Bowl. Premiere of a new untitled work by television dancer/choreographer Jordi Cabellero (Dancing With The Starts & So You Think You Can Dance) on July 30 at Grand Performances. Tamica Washington-Miller, LWDT’s Associate Director, will also premiere a new work at the Grand Performances concert.

The dance company’s 30th anniversary year includes concerts in Philadelphia, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Russia.

The Los Angeles-based dance company is excited about its 30th anniversary season. The beauty and fluidity of the company’s dances could most recently be seen on the big screen in James Cameron’s “Avatar”, in standing room-only performances in New Mexico and Montana, and at the International Book Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Lula is most excited about her new, light hearted work “www.connections.2010″, a dance exploring the ever changing relationship between people and technology, particularly since the explosion of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The company this year will also continue to perform “Ode to the 60’s”, which takes audiences back to an era when music made our souls feel good, “Beautiful Venus and Serena”, a dance examining the relationship between the world famous tennis players and sisters, and “We Wore the Mask”, which tackles themes of identity, slavery, and equality, all of which intertwine to make up the African-African experience.

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