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LWDT’s Video Promo & Extended Excerpts

We recently uploaded video excerpts of our dances onto YouTube.
Check out our playlist and preview 16 of our dances!

Dances included in playlist:

1. Ode to the ’60s
2. Beautiful Venus & Serena
3. Reign
4. Spontaneous Combustion
5. Duet for Noel Pointer
6. For Those Who Live and Die for Us
7. Global Village
8. The Bach Project
9. Rites 2000
10. Thanks and Praises
11. We Wore the Mask
12. 01997-08
13. Dances for McCoy
14. Mahal Dances
15. On the Edges
16. Songs of the Disinherited

For more LWDT videos, visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/LWDTofficial.

One Response to “LWDT’s Video Promo & Extended Excerpts”

  1. Shayna Prophet says:

    I loved your performances. I would enjoy taking a few classes with your company. May I receive more information about your company?