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2010 Summer Dance Programs

Our Summer Dance Programs this year will run for 6 weeks, starting on July 12th and ending on August 22nd.

Summer Dance Camp
Ages 7-13
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

This program is designed for youth who love to dance, perform, and want to improve their abilities! The Dance Camp is an intensive 6 weeks of dance training, cultural enrichment, mentorship, dance education with performance opportunities, and special workshops all geared towards the development of a strong technical foundation, creative expression and a lot of fun!

While the camp and classes are fun and kids make life-long friends, the classes are focused and require discipline.

This program has 3 levels: Beginning, Beginning Intermediate, and Intermediate. Students within this age group who feel they are beyond this may audition for the teen classes but must be at least 10 years old. Classes are grouped by age, skill, ability and focus. We encourage all levels of students to participate, even those with little to no experience or formal training.

Teen Dance Intensive
Ages 13-18
Monday-Friday 1 pm.-8 p.m.

The Teen Dance Intensive is geared towards young men and women who love to dance and who want to learn more and improve their skills as a dancer, including those who have been studying dance seriously for years and maybe interested in dance as a career, or those who are just beginning and have very little or no formal dance training (those who dance at school, dance at church, cheerleaders, drill team members, etc.)

This program has two levels: Beginning and Intermediate. Advanced students in this age group will be placed in our Professional Development Program which meets at the same time but offers more advanced, professional track students.

This program also includes two one-week workshops with guest choreographers, dance instructors, and performing artists who will share their expertise, knowledge, stories and craft with our participants!

Other Courses
We also offer evening and Saturday classes for 3-6 year olds, teens, and adults that are not a part of the program!

Classes include: Ballet, Caribbean, Choreography/Repertoire, Drumming, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Martial Arts, Modern, Pointe, Tap, Tumbling, West African, and more!

Program Fees
$35 – Registration fee (for new students only)
$650 – For all 6 weeks
$150 – Per week
$525 – Saturday’s only
$135 – Single day (8 hours)
$50/wk – Early drop off, late pick-up (7:30 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.)
$12 – Single class for registered students
$15 – Single class for non-registered students

Important Dates
Placement Class & Orientation: Friday, July 9th – 5 p.m.-7 p.m.
Certificate Ceremony: Friday, August 20th
Culminating Performances: August 21 & 22

3 Responses to “2010 Summer Dance Programs”

  1. January says:

    Do you offer finacial assistance for the Dance programs? what would I need to bring to enroll my daughter?

    • Emily Shum says:

      Hi January,

      We’re glad you asked. Please email school.LWDT@gmail.com, or call our studio (323.292.LULA), with your inquiry.

      You will need to complete some paperwork and bring in certain proofs of your financial status. Our studio manager Roshada Baldwin or another staff will give you more specific instructions.

      Hope to see you here soon!

  2. Rona Berry says:

    Hi, Im Rona Berry and I was e-mailing regarding the PDI/Teens/Adults saturdays classes Beginning Modern(11-12pm) and Begging Jazz(2:30-3:30)for my daughter Sharon Herbert. She is not registered but on the Fee page I see a single class is $15, my questions are if she wish to attend these two classes do I pay $30 at the desk and she enter? Does she have to register? Are these classes open? Do she have to undergo a process such as paper work to attend these classes? Is it too late to join summer classes?