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Lula Nominated for Fred & Adele Astaire Award

Lula Washington has been nominated in New York City for the 28th Annual Fred & Adele Astaire Award (formerly known as the Astaire Award) for her choreography of the feature film, AVATAR. The Award honors excellence in dance and choreography for stage and in film.

James Cameron (above) and his team searched the US for a choreographer for AVATAR. Everywhere they looked, Lula Washington’s name came up. Cameron called Lula in for a meeting one day and asked her how the Na vi people might move, greet each other, and handle rituals. Lula instantly showed him choreograhy that he loved. She was hired on the spot.

Lula and a dozen of her touring company dancers worked on the film in 2007 and 2008. Lula’s dancers also worked as body doubles for stars of the film in important movement scenes. Their movements were captured by very high tech computer suits that read and recorded every motion down to the batting of an eye. Once captured, the moves could be pasted on any individual and replicated hundreds of times.

The photo above is as follows: (left to right) Lula Washington; dancer Christa Oliver; director James Cameron; and dancer Tamica Washington-Miller, who danced as a body double for the character of Mo’at in AVATAR.

Lula was nominated along with other popular choreographers and artists like Marguerite Derricks for Fame and Kenny Ortega for This Is It.

Established in 1982, the Fred & Adele Astaire Awards Ceremony will take place on June 7th in Manhattan.

Lula Washington is now being represented by Julie McDonald of the MSA talent agency, the global leader for dance representation!
See her profile.

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