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Youth Dancers Triumph at Taste of Soul

Students from the Lula Washington Dance Theatre school drew excited cheers and applause for their performances recently at the Taste of Soul Festival on Crenshaw — despite some challenging conditions there.

In the days following the Festival, parents with children streamed into the Lula Washington Dance Theatre studio on Crenshaw Boulevard to sign up their children for classes, saying they loved what the students did at Taste of Soul.

“We saw your kids dance at Taste of Soul! They were fantastic!” said one parent who signed up her daughter.

The youth danced on the “Children’s Stage” where the performances were hours behind schedule and audiences had thinned. Initially, the youth were told they could not dance. But, audience members demanded that LWDT’s youth go on. And, when the dancers began to perform, the crowds multiplied – cheering and applauding every dance number.

The LWDT student dancers maintained their composure and danced their hearts out, despite a difficult situation. They turned lemons into lemonade.

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