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(*) means youth selected students are invited to participate in adult classes.


LWDT Company Class - Open to Int/Adv dancersModern11:30-1:00pmALula/ Tamica/ Guest
Tiny Tots Ballet5:00-6:00pmCLa Shawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots Jazz6:00-7:00pmCLa Shawnda Taylor
Pre Steps Level 1Ballet5:00-6:00pmBTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre Steps Level 1Jazz6:00-7:00pmBTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre Steps Level 1.5Ballet5:00-6:00pmEJTehran Dixon
Pre Steps Level 1.5Jazz6:00-7:00pmEJTehran Dixon
Pre Steps Level 2 and 3 & Teen/AdultBallet Technique5:00-6:30pmAKhilea Douglass
Pre Steps Level 2 and 3 & Teen/AdultModern Technique6:30pm-7:30pmAKhilea Douglass


LWDT Company Class - Open to Int/Adv dancersBallet11:30-1:00pmAWilliam "PG" Grinton
Tiny Tots (New Students Only)Ballet 5:00-6:00pmCTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Tiny Tots (New Students Only)Jazz 6:00-7:00pmEJTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre-Steps Level 1.5 & 2Jazz5:00-6:00pmBRoshada Baldwin
Pre-Steps Level 1.5 & 2Tap6:00-7:00pmARoshada Baldwin
Pre Steps Level 3Ballet Technique5:00-6:00pmAWilliam "PG" Grinton
Pre Steps Level 3Basic Pointe6:00- 7:00pmCWilliam "P.G" Grinton
Int & Adv Teen / AdultJazz Fusion6:00-7:00pmBApril Thomas


LWDT Company Class - Open to Ind/Adv dancers
Modern11:30-1:00omALula/Tamica/ Guest
Tiny Tots Tap5:00-6:00pmCLa Shawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots Hip Hop6:00-7:00pmCLa Shawnda Taylor
Pre-Steps Level 1 Basic Tap5:00-6:00pmEJThomas Davis
Pre-Steps Level 1 Basic Hip-Hop6:00-7:00pmEJMichael Tomlin
Pre Steps Level 1.5 and 2Tap5:00-6:00pmEJThomas Davis
Pre-Steps Level 1.5 and 2Hip-Hop6:00-7:00pmAChristopher Frazier
*Pre-Steps Level 3 & Teen/AdultModern5:00-6:30pmBQueala Clancey
*Pre-Steps Level 3 & Teen/AdultTap6:30-7:30pmAThomas Davis


LWDT Company Class - Open to Int/Adv dancers
Modern11:30-1:00pmAQueala / Bernard
Tiny Tots (New Students Only)Tap 5:00-6:00pmCLaShawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots (New Students Only)Hip-Hop6:00-7:00pmCLaShawnda Taylor
Pre Steps Level 1.5 and 2Modern5:00-6:00pmBQueala Clancy
Pre Steps Level 1.5 and 2Jazz 6:00-7:00pmCWilliam "P.G" Grinton
Pre Steps Level 3Ballet Technique 5:00-6:00pmAWilliam "P.G" Grinton
Pre Steps Level 3Afro Jazz Fusion6:00-7:00pmAApril Thomas
Beginning October 15thTap 7:00-8:00pmEJTahia Rollins


Pre Steps Level 1 and 1.5Hip Hop5:00-6:00pmBDaveione Williams
Pre-Steps Level 1 and 1.5Steppin6:00-7:00pmBVernon Jackson
OPEN Teen/ AdultHorton Technique5:00-6:00pmAAngela Jordan
OPEN Teen/ AdultContemporary Jazz6:00-7:00pmAKen Morris
OPEN Teen/ AdultHip Hop7:00-8:00pmADaveione Williams
Performance GroupPerformance Workshop8:00-10:00pmALWDT TEAM


Tiny Tots IBallet9:00-10:00amCLa Shawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots IJazz10:00-11:00amCLa Shawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots ITap11:00-12:00pmEJLa Shawnda Taylor
Tiny Tots (New Students Only) Ballet 12:00-1:00pmC Tashara Gavin-Moorehead
Tiny Tots (New Students Only) Tap 1:00-2:00pmEJTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre-Steps Level 1ABallet9:00-10:00amBTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre-Steps Level 1AJazz10:00-11:00amBTashara Gavin-Moorehead
Pre-Steps Level 1ATap11:00-12:00pmEJThomas Davis
Pre-Steps Level 1BBallet9:00-10:00amRJRoshada Baldwin
Pre-Steps Level 1BJazz10:00-11:00amRJRoshada Baldwin
Pre-Steps Level 1BTap11:00-12:00pmRJRoshada Baldwin
Pre-Steps Level 1.5Ballet9:00-10:00amEJTehran Dixon
Pre-Steps Level 1.5Jazz10:00-11:00amEJTehran Dixon
Pre Steps Level 1.5 Tap12:00- 1:00pmRJAssata Madison
Pre Steps Level 2Ballet9:00-10:00amRJBernard Brown
Pre Steps Level 2 Modern Technique10:00-11:00amRJBernard Brown
Pre Steps Level 2 Tap11:00-12:00pmRJRoshada Baldwin
Pre Steps Level 3Ballet Technique10:00-11:30amAChristopher McDaniel
Pre-Steps Level 3Contemporary Jazz12:00-1:00pmBKen Morris/ LWDT Staff
Pre-Steps Level 3Horton1:00-2:00pmBAngela Jordan
Pre-Steps Level 3Tap 2:00-3:00pmRJAssata Madison/ LWDT Staff
Pre-Steps Level 3Jazz/Funk3:30-4:30pmBWilliam "P.G" Grinton
ALL Pre StepsCaribbean1:00-2:30pmACarolina Mendizabal
ALL Pre StepsAfrican2:30- 4:00pmATamara Mobley
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsBallet9:00-10:00amRJBernard Brown
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsModern Technique 10:00-11:00amRJBernard Brown
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsTap11:00-12:00pmRJRoshada Baldwin
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsHorton1:00-2:00pmBAngela Jordan
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsCarribean 1:00-2:30pmACarolina Mendizabal
Beginning Youth / Teen / AdultsAfrican2:30-4:00pmATamara Mobley
Int & Adv Teen / AdultsBallet Technique 10:00-11:30amALWDT Staff
Int & Adv Teen / AdultsHorton Technique11:30-1:00pmAAngela Jordan
Int & Adv Teen / AdultsJazz Funk2:00-3:30pmCWilliam "PG" Grinton
Int & Adv Teen / AdultsAfrican 2:30-4:00 pmATamara Mobley

Open Community Partner Classes

MondayUrban Ballroom7:00- 8:30pmBRoshelle Bailey
TuesdayHapkido Martial Arts5:30- 6:30pmRJRaymond Granados
TuesdayAfrican/Senegalese6:30-8:00pmAMareme Faye
ThursdayHapkido Martial Arts5:30-6:30pmRJRaymond Granados
ThursdayUrban Ballroom6:00-8:00pmBRoshelle Bailey
SaturdayYoga7:00-9:00amRJInpu Kamut
SaturdayHapkido Martial Arts1:00-2:00pmRJRaymond Granados
SaturdayAfrican/Senegalese4:30-6:00pmBMareme Faye

*Scholarships and work-study arrangements are available based on financial need. For questions about this or any aspect of the school, contact School.LWDT@gmail.com.

**Classes subject to change. No refunds. Free parking in our adjacent parking lot.

***Rooms: Studio A; Studio B; Studio C; Ericka Jackson (EJ) Room; Randy Jackson (RJ) Room.