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Dance School » Dress Code

Please adhere to the following dress code as it ensures the instructor’s ability to see joint and muscle work and make necessary corrections. The dress code is standard at most accomplished dance institutions. Following the dress code established good work ethic, respect, and discipline.

Tiny Tots (Ages 3-7)

Girls – All Disciplines

Pink Leotard, Flesh-tone Tights, Skirt (Optional), Ballet Shoes

Boys – All Disciplines

Black Shorts or Sweatpants, Fitted White T-Shirt, Ballet Shoes

All Older Groups (Ages 7-25)

Girls –

Ballet: Black Leotard, Flesh-tone Tights
Jazz & Modern: Black Leotard, Black Tights or Black Jazz Pants or Black Unitard (Full or Biker)
Hip-Hop & Tap: Loose Clothing (No jeans, skirts, dresses, or shorts) Note: For Tap, ankles must be visible to the instructor.
African: Leotard Biker Shorts and a Lapa (Like a Sarong)

Boys – All Disciplines

Black Shorts or Sweatpants, Fitted White T-Shirt

Shoes –

Ballet: Any Color (for Pointe, See Instructor)
Modern: Bare Feet
Hip-Hop: Sneakers with Light-colored Soles

Where to Buy Dance Clothes

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Los Angeles, CA 90016

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