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Studio Rentals

The LWDT studio is used for classes, rehearsals, auditions and community performances. Children from nearby schools often visit the studio to participate in dance workshops and to see mini-concerts by LWDT. It is a first-class dance facility with five studios, equipped with sprung floors and mirrors. The space functions as a home base for LWDT and for other dance artists in South Los Angeles. The studios are rented frequently for video/film shoots, meetings, special events, rehearsals, and music recording.

Lula Washington Dance Theatre Studio A

Studio A

Lula Washington Dance Theater Studio B

Studio B

Lula Washington Dance Theatre Studio C

Studio C

Lula Washington Dance Theatre Randy Jackson Studio

Randy Jackson Studio

Lula Washington Dance Theatre Erica Jackson Studio

Erica Jackson Studio

Lula Washington Dance Theatre Building

Building Facade

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 A (44' x 51', black marley floor, 3 walls with mirror) — $100/hr B (30' x 30', wood floor, 1 wall with mirror) — $50/hr C (24' x 24', black marley floor, 2 walls with mirror) — $35/hr Randy Jackson (24' x 21', tile floor, no mirror) — $35/hr Erica Jackson (21' x 18', wood floor, 1 wall with mirror) — $35/hr
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We are able to process credit transactions over the phone (323-292-5852). If another Payment Type is selected, please complete your payment at the front desk at the Lula Washington Dance Theatre studio. Please call us if you have any questions.