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Our Supporters

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre has survived for three decades because a great many people have supported us. Included on this page are a few of those whom we would like to thank. This is by no means the full list. Rather, it is a sampling of those who have stood by us through time and for whom we happened to have photographs. We thought it important to show you faces of those who have been our friends.

Not shown here are hundreds of individual donors, some who gave $10 and others who gave $1,000 and more. Many give annually at levels that were difficult for them to continue in these tough times, but they keep giving anyway, making them even more meaningful to us. We thank them all, no matter how large or small their contribution.

Lula and Mayor Villaraigosa

Lula and Mayor Villaraigosa, a huge supporter.

Erwin, Lula, Beulah Frankle, and Tamica

Beulah Frankle has established a children's scholarship fund in her name. It

Maria Shriver and Lula Washington

Maria Shriver, who chose Lula Washington to receive the first-ever Minerva Award, continues to be a strong friend and supporter of LWDT. She is one of our angels.

We have much to celebrate.

Despite the economy’s woes, our Dance School continues to turn out exceptional young dancers. Our Youth Ensemble (and even our Tiny Tots) are admired and loved all over the city, the Dance Company is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with both domestic and international tours, and Lula’s involvement with the film AVATAR is opening new doors for us. Our future is looking bright.

Celeste Alleyne and Sandra Evers-Manly

Celeste Alleyne (formerly of AT&T, and now with Microsoft), right; and Sandra Evers-Manly of Northrop-Grumman, two stalwart funders for LWDT over the years.

But the news is not all good. Times are tough in our community. This year, more than ever before in our 30-year history, students have been unable to afford dance classes. Parents come to us with news that they have lost their jobs or that their hours have been cut back. In some cases, families are losing their homes. In such situations, we want to see children continue their dance lessons. We do not want to turn people away because they cannot pay, but we can only extend scholarships if we receive contributions to help maintain our operations.

Likewise, it is more costly than ever to maintain our building, teaching faculty and staff. We need your help to underwrite the generosity that so many people in our community need at this hard time.

We need more partners to help us continue to serve students and audiences for another 30 years. Your donations and support will help our school, our youth ensemble, our facility, our professional dance company and our overall infrastructure and operations.

Over the years, the Lula Washington Dance Theatre has relied heavily on a handful of major donors in order to function. They include: The Ahmanson Foundation, the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, the Weingart Foundation, the California Community Foundation, Wells Fargo Bank, Chase Bank (formerly Washington Mutual); Northrop-Grumman; AT&T; the James Doolittle Foundation; the National Dance Project; the National Endowment for the Arts; the California Community Foundation; the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; the Los Angeles City Department of Cultural Affairs; the Environmental Protection Agency; FEMA; and the Los Angeles Community Redevlopment Agency; Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas; Councilman Bernard Parks; and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Our stalwart individual donors include: Nina L. Shaw; Beulah Frankle; Emma Lou Thomas; Glorya Kaufman; Fran Jemmott; and hundreds more. We thank each of them also. They have enabled us to sustain ourselves for three decades and to own our own facility. They are also helping shape our future.

We wish to also acknowledge new donors and supporters including Boeing and Disney VoluntEars. In 2010, LWDT established its Friends of Lula Washington Dance Theatre volunteer and fundraising support group. This group has been active all year raising money and supporting LWDT.

You may send contributions to the Lula Washington Dance Theatre at:

3773 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
c/o Lula Washington, Founder and Artistic Director
or make an online donation via Network for Good by clicking here.